The Gang is a group of people working with various forms of digital art. Together we make music, graphics and demos (realtime audiovisual productions). We regually visit computer conventions to release our work and socialize.


The Gang was first founded in 1987. In 1988 The Gang became a part of Triangle witch consisted of three groups. But when the Triangle was split up at the end of 1989, The Gang continued to release some demos and other stuff, but was not as active as before.

In 1992 The Gang released their last demo and then went silent for many years.

But in the fall of 2002 The Gang was refounded by the former member Chucky, one of the original founders of The Gang. Almost exactly ten years after the last release, The Gang is back on track and in the spirit of the original The Gang, we will work to give you the very best of the scene.

We have attended at the following demoparties:

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