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Finished DTV The 24:th of July 2006, I received a PAL version of the DTV Joystick that I learnt about and ordered just some days before.
With only 4 days left until BigFloppyPeople 2006 I ordered the required components for modding the joystick into a computer.
Some sleepless nights after, my DTV was crude but working, and I could start to explore it´s ablilities at BFP.

The 8:th of December 2006, I released the working 0.8 version of DTVBASIC, and then I suddenly stopped. Christmas came, New Year´s came, and my interest in the DTV was zero, --nil--.

The 23:rd of July 2007, I realized that BFP 2007 was coming up. I dusted off my DTV and powered it up. It still worked!. Like in a frenzy, I coded a startmenu, called DTVBIOS and made a flash image of DTVBASIC, all in time for BFP. Feeling like I´m "in the zone" again, I hope to release some cool stuff during the autumn. Only time will tell...
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  • Make your DTV code-ready with DTVBOOT,TMP,DTVBASIC all working together without dangerous KERNAL flashing.

  • A BASIC ROM improved with features, such as DIR, DMA, RAMDISK, integration with TMP from Style and DTVMON from tlr, and much more...

  • DTVExplorer
  • A Windows Tool, for easy transfer / execution of files to the DTV with D64 support.


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