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Platform: Amiga
Released at: Kindergarden 2011
Download count: 11572

Amiga Protracker mod (gouafhg pwngezze) that is rather big. Competed in the dance music compo at Kindergarden 2011. Did not finish last, nor did it win LOL!
The filesize is rather large.

.ogg yup! (10068 KB)
.mod yup! (1416 KB)



Platform: Amiga
Released at: Solskogen 2011
Download count: 2010

mod by gouafhg released at solskogen 2011. There's a (true) story behind it. Please feel free to ask. Stuff could happen that grow into something interplanetary if treated correctly. - Sincerely Gouafhg

Marsvinsmotorn (507 KB)

Torkade benpipor


Platform: Amiga
Released at: Datastorm 2011
Download count: 2334

Protracker module released at DATASTORM 2011. Who knows it's place? :)

mod.torkade benpipor in a ZIP! (161 KB)

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